Venice is a city of water, sea, great tradition and a varied population.
Venice is a unique, matchless city which is loved by people worldwide and jealously preserved by the Venetians. It is universally recognised as an art capital and has been included on the World Heritage List. And yet, it seems not to take any notice of these compliments, as it lies lazily on the waters of its enchanting Lagoon.
Walking along its narrow streets (calli) and across its large and small squares (campi), endless images take shape, which are all of the same Venice. There is the silence and nostalgia of its canals on foggy days, the colourfulness of its islands out in the Lagoon, the exuberance of the Carnival, the magic of the night of the Festival of the Redentore (the Redeemer), the worldliness of the Biennale International Art Exhibition and, I simply have to say this, especially the intense tastiness of its flavours. Flavours and tastes are linked to centuries of culinary traditions and these have been scrupulously preserved and handed down from generation to generation by great restaurateurs, who manage to surprise their clients with masterpieces of haute cuisine every day. Exclusive and extraordinary recipes, therefore, not to mention the remarkable, singular typical restaurants and bars, such as the wine bars called ‘bacari’, the taverns and restaurants which are genuine temples of cuisine, capable of winning over even the most demanding palates with their delicious food.
This book aims to honour our city through some of the great leading figures of its cuisine, true interpreters of the culture of food and ambassadors of our great tradition. A publication for Venice and especially for its visitors who wish to get to know the “true soul” of the city. I gladly take this opportunity to address a warm greeting to them all in the name of all the Venetian traders.

Elio Dazzo
Chairman of Aepe